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Marketing is important as it can generate income for your business. Sometime is such a headache the learn new things about Digital Marketing. But don't worry, we're here the help you grow your business with our affordable marketing strategy. 
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Grab your Customer Attention with the power of google ads

Google was the top famous search engine. Around 90% people around the world using Google to find solution & answer.
Google Search Ads
Generate a plan to increase leads, sales or web traffic using Google Search.
Google Display Ads
Generate a plan to increase awareness, consideration, action and retention with digital marketing strategy.
Google Shoppping Ads
Connect retailers with shoppers and boost business to drive online and in-store traffic.
Google Ads Video
Drive brand performance through YouTube to grow awareness, increases consideration & drive action.

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Perfect for small business
RM 600
one-time setup
Google Ads Search
1 Campaign
Ads Report
RM 500 for 1 month
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Agencies and professionals
RM 1,200
20% Consultation fee
Everything from Start plus:
2 Types of Ads Campaign
3-5 Campaign
Ads Report
RM 1,000 / monthly
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Solution for enterprise
Call for a quote
(60) 18-3990 314
Everything from Premium plus:
4 Types of Ads Campaign
6 - 10 Campaign
Ads Report
Custom Advertising Budget
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What they are saying...

"Good consultation Google Ads service from Azrin. Have been using his service for 3 months and still on track with him"
Muhd Fazwan
Eco Next Techonologies Sdn Bhd
"As a sales advisor in Perodua, marketing is everything. Try his service of Google Ads and it helps me to around 15+ car sales per month"
Najmiyah Abd Hir
Perodua Putrajaya
"Been using Google Ads service for 2 months and it works great. Never thought that Google Ads was a good marketing platform for those who have website"
Aidey Ilham
Secrezz Empire
"Google Ads is absolute game changer for my marketing. As a car salesman getting customer is very hard. But with Google everyhting is possible."
Nur Atiqah
Proton Puchong

Frequently Asked Questions

Which campaign type should I setup?

There are 5 campaign types in AdWords: Search, Display, Video, Shopping and App. These differ widely and you should choose a Google Adwords expert that has experience in the one you want to launch. They’ll be able to advise on how to approach the advertising strategy for your channel and what assets and creatives you should create. Search is by far the most popular and every AdWords freelancer should be experienced in it.

Who is responsible for writing ads and researching keywords?

As the expert, the AdWords freelancer should write the ads and do the keyword research. However customer will provide input at the beginning through the brief with us. Client should provide up to 5 keywords that the freelancer will use to conduct keyword research. And client should provide some initial text that will be included in the ads.

How many sales or leads will I get?

The AdWords freelancer should be able to use forecasting tools to determine the likely performance of your campaigns. This should include doing keyword research to determine the keyword search volumes and also assess the likely Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and costs. And with this they can determine how many sales or leads you’re likely to get based on the average industry conversion rates.

Are you a Google Partner?

You should hire a Google Ads certified expert or a fully certified Google Partner. This ensures that you’re working with an expert that has passed rigorous Google exams and regularly manages successful campaigns. A certified expert would be sufficient, but one that is now a Google Partner will have achieved a higher level of proficiency that few AdWords experts have attained.

What Google Ads budget should I set?

This is a common question that many advertisers have and an important one too. Adwords budget setting requires expertise and you should work with an AdWords Freelancer with a number of approaches to deciding on your budget. An experienced freelancer will have worked with similar businesses and will have an idea of what budget to start with. They will also be able to help with keyword research, which is important to decide on your budget.

When should I run my ads?

You should know when the best times to run your ads is. That includes days and hours that will bring you the best performance. The default in Google Ads is 24/7 and you can change that in Ad Scheduling to whatever you require. For example you can run ads Monday to Friday or weekends only. Or you can run them all days but within certain hours only. The AdWords Expert will help you decide that based on your industry and your goals.

How do I pay Google Ads charges?

The AdWords freelancer will be able to advise you on how to pay for your advertising. That includes choosing between pre-pay and post-pay depending on your country requirements. With post-pay you’ll pay for clicks after you’ve accrued costs and this will usually be by direct debit or bank transfer or credit/debit card. With pre-pay you’ll topup your AdWords account and click costs will be deducted from your balance.

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