1 August 2019

Tips to manage your time as a student

Tips to manage your time as a student 1
  • Set your goals
  • Prioritize wisely
  • Plan ahead
  • Follow 80-20 rules
  • Stop multitasking
  • Track your time

1. Set Your Goals

Goal setting is one of the most important thing in management strategy. Many students neglect to take this matter seriously in their studies. When you set your goals, then you know the objective learning for the subject you are going to learn. To make sure you’re engaging in studies that support your learning goals, you need to define those goals in terms that are clear. This method used to make sure you know where to start your study in clear image view.

As a student, you should know your own weakness on those subject that you think was the hardest for you. Student should take an action how to cover those subject completely, by doing the following method:

  • Study in small group
  • Ask teacher frequently
  • Search friend who are master in specific subject
  • Drawing & Sketching
  • I-Think Map
  • Highlight
  • Small Note
  • Training & Practice

2. Prioritize Wisely

Once you have set your own goals on specific subject and determined what to do with those subject, you need to complete the tasks to achieve them. Maybe some of you have many goals in their mind. Thus, student must prioritize which one to be first priority need to be done. These are some list student can use to arrange their goals :

  • Important & Urgent
    • In this category, you need to know which goals need to be done right away. Fast action fast result right?. Focus your time and energy in study to complete your most important thing.
  • Important but Not Urgent
    • If it falls in this category, usually student always did this. Let me give you an example, You have Math & Science homework but the deadline for Math is tomorrow and Science is next week. Surely you will do the Math homework and not the Science right? That's how this category works. There is something important but it can be done later.
  • Urgent but Not Important
    • When you learn something new, it seems you need to understand it straight away. Student always think they need to be fast in studies for more understandable. Be patient, maybe you just need to learn next subtopic to understand the previous chapter.
  • Not Important & Not Urgent
    • Know the difference between enjoying your youth and destroying your future. Sometimes we can have fun with our friends but at the same time don't forget about your studies

Everyday, set 3 to 4 goals that highlighted as "Important & Urgent" that to be addressed. When you complete one of those tasks, check it off from list. This method seems doesn't necessary but why not you give it a try? Maybe it can effect the way you study. In addition, you can motivate yourself to score well in exam and life. Smart student always have a target to do and always wrote down their target every single day. So you can see what you need to do for solving the problem.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning is the best starter before we take an action. Student must plan how much time to spend in each subject. Basically the subject that you can understand well will be the least time to spend on.

Take 5 to 10 minutes to think what schedule need to be done today. You'll be surprised at how much efficient you can be just dedicating a little time to scratch out the plan each day. If you plan your time properly, you can one task at one time, rather than jumping from one thing to the next without completing the task. That;s how work smart function in our life. This is life hack for student.

Depending on your suitable time, make one of these method as your daily routine

  • Plan The Night Before : At the end of the day, after all school or university things, clear your desk and put together a list of the next day's tasks. If you have sometime before sleep write down in the small note paper or at the whiteboard of your room. It's a great technique, and you'll feel better when you wake up the next day with a proper plan.
  • Plan In The Morning : Arrive a few minutes early to school or class and plan out your to-do-list. For university student you can download apps that can be use as reminder. This may prove to be the most productive part of your day.

4. Follow 80 - 20 Rule

How to apply this rule? Student may question themselves what they going to do with this rule. Here a secret what successful student always do with their study. You don't need to learn 100% to gain all the knowledge. Make sure to use 20% your time and energy that can give 80% of impact or results. Identify the 20% of the efforts that can producing 80% of the results and performance. Student can do this method because it can bring positive effect in the future, both short and long term learning.

5. Stop Multitasking

For some reason in learning it is hard to do two things at the same time. For example, can you do mathematics problem while doing an English essay?. Impossible. Another example, can you eat while answering science question? Yeah maybe you can do it but it is waste of time!. You can minimize your movement and energy by doing 1 work at 1 time. Multitasking are good for something that can be done by using this method, but in study it is not suitable because you can easily feel dizzy. At the end you will easily give up.

6. Track Your Time

Everyone has given 24 hours to use in a day. A person who can use 24 hours wisely is the one who know the importance of time management in their life. Always make sure spend your time on useful things. However, we all know that human are not perfect. Sometimes we need some entertainment to release our stress or tension in our life. Human need a leisure time to relax from their problem. It's okay to rest for a while. We are human right? not a robot that can work 24 hours. Even a robot need to be charge if it runs out battery.

Last from me, as a student you should have a proper sleep and time management. It's because you need to get used a good daily routine. If not now to change that bad habit, the negative vibes will follow you around. A proper daily routine can help you manage your life in the future. Think out of the box, when you grow up you will see how important to have a good time management in our life!

saiful azreen

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