May 3, 2019


Sun sets every eve
Sun rises every morn
Day splashes light in dark
Seed peeps out in a hurry
Bird tweets in joy full song 
Departure needs forgiveness
Arrival bows in norm

Even on nights when you can't muddle through 
Count your blessings I tell you 
Look to the sky, oh, so blue 
Watch the leaves as the wind blows through 
Count your blessings day and night 
To keep your curses out of sight

Be a blessing to others 
Be kind with your words 
Small it might be 
It will make a big difference 
Inner peace attracts blessings 
And gives purpose and meaning 
In our lives 
Try not to be bitter but a better person each day 

Just be a blessing....and be happy

Life without love is
like a tree without blossoms or fruit

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