4 January 2020

100 ways to motivate yourself

100 ways to motivate yourself 1
2. Stay hungry

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not famous yet in 1976 when he and Steve Chandler,author of reinventing yourself had lunch together at the Doubletree Inn in Tucson, Arizona. Not one person in the restaurant recognised him. He was in town publicizing the movie Stay Hungry, a box-office disappointment he had just made with Jeff Bridges and Sally Field. Steve Chandler was a sports columnist for the Tucson Citizen at the time, and his assignment was to spend a full day, one-on-one, with Arnold and write a feature story about him for their newspaper’s Sunday magazine.

Steve Chandler, too, had no idea who Arnold was or who he was going to become. The author agreed to spend the day with him because he had to-it was an assignment. And although Steve took it with an uninspired attitude, it was one he’d never forget.

Perhaps the most memorable part of that day with Schwarzenegger occurred when they took an hour for lunch.Steve had his reporter’s notebook out and was asking questions for the story while they ate. At one point Steve casually asked Arnold, “Now that you have retired from bodybuilding, what are you going to do next?”

With a voice as calm as if Arnold were telling Steve about some mundane travel plans, he said, “I’m going to be the number-one box-office star in all of Hollywood.”

Mind you, this was not the slim, aerobic Arnold we know today. This man was pumped up and huge. And so, for Steve own physical sense of well-being, he tried to appear as though he found Arnold's goal reasonable.

Steve tried not to show his shock and his amusement at Arnold's plan. After all, Arnold's first attempt at movies didn’t promise much. And his Austrian accent and awkward, monstrous build didn’t suggest instant acceptance by movie audiences. Steve finally managed to match his calm demeanor, and he asked Arnold just how he planned to become Hollywood’s top star.

“It’s the same process I used in bodybuilding,” he explained. “What you do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture as if it were already true.

It sounded ridiculously simple. Too simple to mean anything. But Steve wrote it down. And he never forgot it.

Steve will never forget the moment when some entertainment TV show was saying that box office receipts from his second Terminator movie had made Arnold's the most popular box office draw in the world.

Over the years Steve have used Arnold’s idea of creating a vision as a motivational tool. He have also elaborated on it in his corporate training seminars. He invite people to notice that Arnold said that you create a vision. Arnold did not say that you wait until you receive a vision. You create one. In other words, you make it up.

A major part of living a life of self-motivation is having something to wake up for in the morning-something that you are “up to” in life so that you will stay hungry.

The vision can be created right now-better now than later. You can always change it if you want, but don’t live a moment longer without one. Watch what being hungry to live that vision does to your ability to motivate yourself.


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