May 14, 2019

when your heart is dark

when your heart is dark 1
Humans dying, 
People crying out
From all the pain.
Sickness, starvation, incurable disease
Eating away at humanity
From the inside out.

Crime and violence
As never seen before.
Murder for no reason at all.
Rape, innocent victims screaming out.
So many in prison serving time.
Suicide for those who no longer know what to do.

Disobedience of authority,
Including their parents,
Immorality of every kind.
All of these things happening
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
No peace in sight, or so it seems.

We need to look further
Before time runs out.
We only have one more chance 
To make our lives better.
Don't give in to humanity's selfish plight.
Make the right decision for yourselves.

nowadays we often heard about war.syria,palestine,iraq and a lot more.there are things for us to know that war and injustice doesn’t define by religion nor what race we are.its purely about humanity.we should together help each other.gives help.support as much as we can.that’s how we can together make the world a better place for living ✨.


Life without love is
like a tree without blossoms or fruit

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