13 November 2019

A memo to your dearself

Life might knock you down with so much hustle.exam fails,being unemployed,out of money,family issues,broken family,fail marriage,and whats nots.everytime it happen,cry and shout out to your heart content.let it all go.its much weighing if you let them stay.need your ‘me time’.give yourself some space,fresh air and new breath.you have been enough suffocated with all those nasty stuff.look up to the sky and tell yourself "its just for a while.all is well” and get up.rise from the the “you” that falling apart.wake up from the long sleep and get ready for a new wonder that awaits.you just tripped,and that’s okay.see the sky,it still the way it has been.nothing change.no matter how strong the wind blows nor how strong the lightning strikes.all is well.  

 Love yourself
Be proud just being you
You’ve been put down so many times
That you think you have no real value
But you can get back your confidence
And reclaim your dignity
Just remind yourself that you’re worth it
You have the ability
Look at yourself in the mirror
Be pleased with the one looking back
There’s so much there to be proud of
So go get your life on track
Let go of all negativity
Cleanse your mind of all doubt
Be secure in who you are
Let your positive side come out
Put forth a dauntless attitude
Show a strong personality
Take the world by storm
Let go of uncertainties
You’re invincible
If anyone gets in your way
Just chew them up and spit them out
And go about your day
You have worked hard and come so far
You’re starting out anew
It took courage to get where you are
Enjoy the new you

-kathy murphy-

Source: http://forums.familyfriendpoems.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=126219


 You know yourself.you know it better than anyone.that no matter how great you are ,no one will compliment nor even appreciate you.and even if you lose yourself,no one will ever grab your hand and pull you up.you stay within you.even if life let you meet thousands of people.still,they means nothing.so from now on.always remind yourself “its okay.im on my own.”,”ill do it for my own sake.” “ill stand tall on my own feet”.root these memo into your mind.hence,youll never forget how you strive all the trials alone.  

Dear you,  

Believe that you can always achieve anything you want.you have the gut and whats left is to move the action so it become a reality.you can do this.max the efforts,struggles your prayers and have faith.as you believe these are all a wake up call.He never leave you alone.its time.prove to yourself.win this dunya and hereafter.best of luck and may He ease you in everything you do.

Love,  me.


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