27 September 2020


Bullying is a shameful act that has not stopped. It has been happening far longer than one’s concern. In fact, in today’s modern world, bullying has taken away a new form, often said as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is an act when someone uses technology and electrical devices to do mean things, such as starting rumours, posting embarrassing things on social media about someone, or sending inappropriate content or text messages to incite violence or hurt someone’s feelings in some way. Cyberbullying is a serious crime that has continuously been growing despite the counters taken against it. Like the other types of bullying, cyberbullying too leads to serious effects – mental torture, changes in personality, and lowered self-esteem.
Foremost, cyberbullying is often a torture to the victims’ mind. When a person provides negative feedback on someone’s post or share on social network, the victim often feels bad and starts questioning his identity on his social network. In fact, victims feel that online bullying feels permanent. This eventually makes him or her feel depressed due to the detrimental comments and feedbacks being received by the person. Some people are even stressed over the numerous bad comments being sent into their message box on social media. All these make one to unwillingly experience a mind torture, which definitely leaves a scar in one’s mind.

Then, cyberbullying also corrodes one’s personality. When one nasty comment is posted on social media, it is shared with multitudes of people. The sheer volume of people that know about the bullying can lead to intense feelings of humiliation. This makes one to isolate himself from society plainly to avoid from being talked in public. As for teenagers, cyberbullying sometimes causes teens to be excluded and ostracized at school. They tend to lose friends who are also on social media and often end up being alone. This isolation will make the teen feel less secured in school. One might start skipping school just to avoid these problems. Therefore, such shameful act definitely corrodes one’s personality.
Conventionally, victims of cyberbullying often have low self-esteem. The comments and harsh criticism online echoed endlessly with daily reminder of how insignificant their existence is. As the bullying gets uncontrollable, it will eventually shape a self-aware with low self esteem persona. Thus, these victims will usually stay quiet and prefer not voicing their opinions. Their fear of being judged is also adding in salt to injury because they will avoid making any public appearances. In fact, some might develop fear and phobia towards social network. At the end, the victims doubt their existence in this world, hence will never be able to be socially active as such ordinary people are.
In conclusion, cyberbullying is not a problem that can be neglected. In fact, the effects – mental torture, changes in personality, and lowered self-esteem are surely killing many innocent lives. Studies have shown, over years, since the day when social media has become a norm in our lives, that many young and innocent people are committing suicide due to this problem. As much importance is shown in combating against cyberbullying, it is also vital to support the victims to ensure everyone’s well-being. 

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