4 April 2019

Half the truth is often a whole lie.

 Corrupted intentions seldom succeed.
Even those who believe,They have a clear strategy..
Risk losing their delusions to see them fail.
And explanations for failure are never done.
Not if it means a seeking from where deception comes.

But a choosing to criticize,
A truth told not to hide or disguse...
Has left family members, friends, spouses and others,
In close relationships despising one another...
Because someone had dared to be honest.
With a choosing to live a life to pursue truth.

'There is always 'somebody' going to be negative.'

~What's negative about being honest? ~

'When has honesty proven to be a positive thing?
When has anyone ever accepted it?
And don't be looking up at the sky,
As if the answer is there.
It aint.
I did that for years and haven't found it up there yet.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Honesty does hurts sometimes...but one good thing to know is that it is always better than living with liars.Honesty can never be define by age.No matter how young nor old you are,the saying of " honesty is the best policy " always brings out the best from one.Unfortunately the world took it the other way round.Kids lying will surely be punished...but then..how about the elder? “oh no..its not lie..its just one of the way to make things right ”,they say.

Half the truth is often a whole lie. 1

Does it hurts to tell the truth in disclosing the evil deed?
so there be light in darkness
covering those greedy hearts
lurking inside the faces of clown
son disguise serving the brethren
showing kindness so convincing
until the victims are left for dead
right or wrong, the truth prevail
seven so when friendship breaks

No matter how far you go,no matter how long you live,ego can never win the battle of honesty.why should I mention ego? Because it is that one thing that makes ones feel the gut to stand their thought even when they’re wrong.” i'm older,I know better ”.What's so bad about accepting what’s right? What's so bad about accepting what others felt wrong about you? We aren’t perfect.Never will we.Honesty never demand a full shack of money.Just a bit sense of an open minded thinking because only those who understand the truth finds solace in their hearts.


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