May 9, 2019


The realm of spirituality is mystical and mysterious. When we look at the world with an attitude of wonder and awe, we become aware that the world is filled with spiritual life. Part of spirituality is being willing to admit that something is beyond your comprehension. Science has its place in understanding the world but it will never have all the answers. When we look at the universe and into our own hearts and see that which we don't understand, we know that we have touched that which is unknowable and holy.

I believe in a child's laughter
and in happily ever after.

I believe in hugs and kisses
and making wishes.

I believe in reaching for a star
and in loving who you are.

I believe in emotional feelings
and in spiritual healing.

I believe in "let go and let God."
He knows the plan, no matter how odd.

I believe that a forgiving heart
will never break apart.

I believe in leading the way,
taking along all those who stray.

I believe in sharing treasures
gives back so many pleasures.

I believe in prayer
even when life doesn't seem fair...

Valerie Steblein


Life without love is
like a tree without blossoms or fruit

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