1 July 2021

I guess, it's another gloomy day.

I guess, it's another gloomy day. 1

Having gloomy days more than happy days is just part of my life, I guess. No matter how sincere you are with your truth, it never makes sense to her. No matter how good you are, you never able to satisfy her. But, be careful. A single mistake can create a whole sorrowful story. Back in those old days, I think it was very hard. Then as time pass by, I have already get used to it. It does not hurt anymore nor even threaten my anger. It does not even tangle with my emotions. I am fine. The fact that you are you and I am I. I guess we are just not meant for each other. I am way too far from your definitions of perfection. At the same time, I find you are too difficult for me. I have accepted all of that.

There are things that I have accepted too. The thought that you will only be happy with what feels good on you. You will never tolerate others imperfections like you don't have any. You have your ego. But will never admit it. And that goes the same when there are some mistakes on your side. You will never say it. You will cover them with angelic kind-like reason. For you, others need to accept you just who you are. You always feel like non can live and have a good life without you. There are some days, I am thinking of my life without you. Imagine life with the absence of you. It has never been my intention to lead a life without you. But, at some point in life, it is super hard for me.


Thus, I always pray that Allah will lead an easy life for me. I am not sure of what kind of wish should I ask, but what clear is I believe He understands. May Allah bless me with never-ending patience. So at the end of the day, He will grant me the highest paradise without burden. Amin.


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