11 September 2019

Let It All Go And Listen To Your Inner-Self

You have all the answers.

Let It All Go And Listen To Your Inner-Self 1

It has been said that everything happens for a reason. For every occurrence, every challenge and every triumph we face within our lives, we are told that these encounters provide us with lessons to be learned from in order for us to grow stronger. To no surprise, the same thought is applicable to people.

I am a firm believer that each person you connect with on a physical, emotional or spiritual level has a purpose to offer you, though what we tend to forget is that, sometimes, the people we care for most may outgrow us.

When those we appreciate most simply choose to walk away from us and pursue a different path in life, we are often left with feelings of devastation, as well as the overwhelming urge to fill the void of the one that was once present in every aspect of our lives.

We remorsefully visit the stages of loss and grief, though the road to healing encompasses a rather lengthy emotional journey. Yet, we ourselves cannot fully heal until we acknowledge the moments in which we must learn to let go.

There is no feeling more gut-wrenching than accepting the fact that a person you valued will no longer be in your life. In many cases, we do all that we can to preserve a strained relationship - even if it is toxic - in order to avoid facing the feeling of emptiness head on.

Regardless of the circumstances that lead people to go their separate ways, we on the receiving end of this loss must come to understand the fact that you cannot change people - no matter how hard you try. At the end of the day, each individual is entitled to pave their own way for themselves.

Though there is no better feeling than being included in another person's plans, we must acknowledge the fact that we will not always be a permanent factor in someone's life.

In a similar sense, we are also brought into contact with others in the form of a lesson to be learned. Additionally, it is also the responsibility of others to realize they must let go of us so that we may achieve the fullest potential of happiness.

If you are truly invested in the best interest of those you care for most, it is your responsibility to know when it is time to let them go.

Let It All Go And Listen To Your Inner-Self 2

Do not hate what is helping you achieve your greatness. Instead, try to quiet all of that obnoxious background noise. Turn the music down. Cut the lights off. Lie down. Just breathe. Listen to what your magnificent body is telling you. Your body is your home. So never let anyone or anything disturb the peace of your citadel.

Sit in silence with yourself. I promise, once, you quiet your mind you will be able to shut out everything else in the world that does not matter. All that matters right now is you. This is all about listening to the guidance that is within you.

Hush all your worries for now because you deserve this moment of silence. It is a way to get your energy centers back in place so they can heal. Take a deep inhale in and a deep exhale out. You really want to hear that loud sigh as you exhale so you can release all of the built up tension in your body from today.

That feels great, huh? Letting go of all your worries. Letting go of all that you do not have control over. Yes, I said it. There are just some things you do not have control over and the hardest part is accepting that. But you, my dear, you are strong. You have the control to choose to accept that, hey I cannot change everything.

I know this is difficult. Especially, when many of us are born as control freaks. The positive side of this is that you have control of how you choose to respond to a situation. That means you are still winning the game. You have the power to choose if you respond with negative or positive acts. Choose positive, my dear, always look at the glass half full not half empty. You'd rather have that last gulp of water than no water at all. Am I right?

With that being said... the next time that background noise becomes too loud to listen to anymore, take a deep breath. Realize that you are capable of turning the music down. Recognize that all you need is that deep breath to sit back and reevaluate the situation before you respond.

NO one said you had to give an answer right away! And if they did you just tell them: "Listen, I need a moment to think this through and then I can get back with you. Is that OK?" If they do not accept your kind offer than let's face it, they are the ones missing out on your energy and plus they were probably up to some shady crap anyway!

ALWAYS remember, my dear, that this is your life. You are universal stardust made like no other. You are the only you. The universe gave you life because it believed it needed you here on this planet to get some work done for the better.

The universe never promised your journey would be easy, but it gave you this life because you are strong enough to live it. So shut the background noise off. Take a deep breath and listen to all the answers you have been consistently searching for. They are all waiting within you. You just have to listen.


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