22 April 2021

Wishing, Apr22

Wishing, Apr22 1
Do you wish the world were better? Let me tell you what to do: Set a watch for your actions, Keep them always straight and true; Rid tour mind of selfish motives; Let your thoughts be clean and high. You can make a little delight Of the sphere you occupy. Do you wish the world were wiser? Well, suppose you made a start, By accumulating wisdom In the scrapbook of your heart: Do not waste one page on folly; Live to learn, and learn to live. If you want to give men knowledge You must get it, ere you give. Do you wish the world were happy? Then remember day by day Just to scatter seeds of kindness As you pass along the way; For the pleasures of the many May ofttimes traced to one, As the hand that plants an acorn Shelters armies from the sun. I wish for you an enormous mountain Full of blessings from above Flooding out of the holy fountain Enveloping you like a glove An explosion of a tremendous volcanic lava Of peace, amity,and love Streaming through prosperity and exhiliration Splashing around your vivid soul above, Like a magnetic force of pure elevation And the heavenly wings of a dove Straight into the dephtness of your heart Everything of natures purity Sustaining you to earth’s harmony A place of unfeigned spirituality. Rabbi.. Dalam meniti usia yang semakin dewasa ini, pimpinlah kami dengan hidayah dan taufik Mu agar kami tidak terpesong akidah, tidak melanggar syari’at, tidak merosak akhlak. Bantulah kami menjadi hamba Mu yang bersyukur walau dengan nikmat yang sedikit, menjadi hamba Mu yang bersabar dengan dugaan dan cabaran, menjadi hamba Mu yang kuat melawan godaan syaitan dan nafsu. Amin Ya Wadud Ya Rabbal Alamin.

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