11 January 2021

Covid-19 and You

Covid-19 and You 1

The love story of Dia and Tereus is like the moon and sun. When one comes another one won’t be there. Covid-19, online classes and lockdown were the barriers between them. No one ever in their dream thought about not meeting their loved ones, for a year. She felt like she is living in Renaissance-era because she couldn’t talk or meet Tereus. She was very attached with him to a point everyone around her could see the flaw in Tereus except for her. He was silently ruining Dia’s life. Tereus made Dia mentally weak by always making her belittle by comparing her with other girls. Dia was blinded by love so she agreed with everything he said. Dia writes songs and poetry about Tereus and their love story but Tereus never acknowledged her talent. Still, Dia kept on seeking his attention and thinking about Tereus all the time. Lockdown made them separate and it was a relief from a toxic relationship, yet Tereus continued to belittle her in social media.

Covid-19 and You 2On the other hand, Tereus didn’t know he is ruining someone’s life. He was thinking of breaking up with her because she is being emotionally unstable during the pandemic. He felt like she is pulling him into a ditch. He ignored her calls and messages. Poor her, she didn’t realise her boyfriend is ignoring her purposely. She fought with everyone whoever told her the truth about her boyfriend.

She thought she had problems and felt guilty for being vulnerable. Then, one day she was checking her old pictures and realised how happy she is in the pictures. The smile faded as Tereus came in her life. She realised something was wrong in the relationship. She took a piece of paper and wrote down how she feels when she is with him. Every sentence she wrote her mind became clear. She wrote down the situations which made her sad, the reason was him, her boyfriend. Now, she can see that he is the villain of her life. She wanted to do something in her style when she wants to break up with him. She wrote a letter and posted it to his address. She felt relief and her face was glowing after she broke up with him. She realised the importance of self-love.

Covid-19 and You 3

Dear Covid-19 of my life,

It was my fault. I should have vaccinated so that you wouldn’t even have the nerve to be a part of me. Anyways thank you for your existence because I could tell my future kids how they should not be.  


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