11 January 2021

Hey! Stranger

Alarm rings *beep beep*, he rolls from his bed and turned the alarm off. There were too many notifications on his phone. The sound irritated him. The frustrated him, checked his phone. All the texts are from his boss and colleagues. He didn’t read any of the messages. He got up from his bed, got ready to go for work and went to his office. On the way to the office, one of his colleagues called him. He attended the call and said he is on the way and his colleague asked him to come to the client’s house directly. His colleagues told the address in the call and asked to come urgently. He was in a bad mood on that day but still had no choice but to go to the client’s house. Being an event planner has its pros and cons. You must plan for others’ celebration when you are still single and lonely. A day ago, he broke up with his fifth girlfriend. He was already sad, now he needs to plan for someone else’s celebration. He was thinking of the reasons he can give to his boss to take leave.

Hey! Stranger 1

The way to the client’s house was spooky. The never-ending narrow road in the middle of the jungle. He was cursing his colleagues on the way to the client’s house. After he reached his client’s house, the first thing he saw was BEWARE OF DOGS signboard.

Hey! Stranger 2

The dogs were barking loudly but nowhere to be seen. The minute he saw that he knew he needs to run away from the client’s house. The entire house looked haunted. It had humongous trees and bushes. Suddenly, someone shouted “Hey you, don’t stand there”, he turned and saw an old lady. The old lady screamed at him again. He was scared and ran to the old lady. The lady started to scold him. He was clueless and didn’t say a single word.

The old lady asked him for his name, he answered it by saying, Joe. The old lady took her phone out and called someone. She continued to scream in the phone” your kid Joe is disturbing my dog, please take care of him” and she ended her call. The old lady chased Joe away from her house. Joe called his boss and colleagues, no one answered. He felt suspicious so he went to his office. There was no one in the office. His suspiciousness continued. Joe opened his office Whatsapp group chat. He realised the reason behind all the drama.

Hey! Stranger 3

In the group chat, the boss messaged that he is arranging a party at his house today. As Joe didn’t open any of the messages, he does not have the idea of the party. His colleagues decided to prank on him by telling the wrong address.


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