11 January 2021

I Hope We Will Meet Again

Heart was beating fast, hands were shaky, eyes were wet but still, she smiled and walked into the hall. No one except she knows that is the last day. The ability to control her sadness was getting weak as she kept on walking. Her classmates were taking selfies and laughing loudly. The entire hall was filled with happiness, she felt guilty to be there. Her friend screamed “Rigel come here!” and ran towards her. Rigel wiped her tears, smiled and held her friend’s hand tightly. All the medical students were holding their fixed fans while dancing for the songs. Being with her friends made her forget the doctor diagnose.

I Hope We Will Meet Again 1

I Hope We Will Meet Again 2I Hope We Will Meet Again 3A guy from the crowd waved at Rigel and shouted” don’t move, I’m coming”, as she is not wearing her spectacles, she couldn’t identify who was it. As he gets closer, Rigel knew it’s none other than her boyfriend, Kale. She stood still and told herself she shouldn’t cry. She was thinking about her plan to break up with him. When Kale shows up, she held his hands and brought him outside the hall. She took a deep breath meanwhile Kale was excited to see Rigel in a ball gown and didn’t stop praising her. Rigel had no choice but to be rude to Kale so that he will stop praising her. Rigel said” My parents are moving to Australia; I’ll be following them. I’m bad in a long-distance relationship. Rather than we get hurt in the process of a long-distance relationship, we should break up now. Rigel gave him a tight hug and ran to the toilet. Kale stood there for a few seconds, trying to process what just happened. He ran to the toilet to convince her. Rigel’s friends were searching for her in the hall. Rigel booked a cab and stay inside the toilet until her cab arrived. Her friends entered the toilet and call her name out loud, Rigel stayed quiet until her friends left.

 Kale knew she is inside, so he stood in front of the toilet waiting for her. When the cab arrived, she left the toilet. She saw Kale and said,” I am sorry, I can’t even lie to you, but I won’t the truth. I love you with all my heart, will forever do. I don’t know if I will make it through, Moon”. Kale tried to hold her hand, but she ran away. Her friends and Kale saw her getting in the cab while crying. Kale called her many times, but her phone was switched off. Kale went to her house and even tried to call her mother, but nothing was beneficial. Rigel disappeared all sudden. Everyone was clueless about Rigel. Her parents told Kale and her friends she is in Australia. Kale couldn’t move on. He knew and had a gut feeling that Rigel will come again. He sends Rigel emails daily telling how much he misses her.

I Hope We Will Meet Again 4

A year later, Kale was in class and suddenly his phone rang. It was Rigel. He excused himself out from the class, pick the call. Kale said” Hi star!” and Rigel replied, “Hey Moon! wanna meet for a cup of coffee at 5 in our place”. Kale run inside the class, picked his stuff and booked a cab. On his way, he saw Rigel’s post on Instagram. She posted a picture of her being bald and captioned it as “Finally! Cancer free. Didn’t in my dream I even thought I would be alive but here I am”. 


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