5 August 2020


Some of you might have heard the term “SWOT”. In today’s post, I will share my experience in applying SWOT during my studies. Hope it might give a clear view to those who had no idea on how to applying SWOT in their daily lives.

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Every student has their own way to study and so do I. Every time I want to study or doing my assignments, I will make sure my workplace is in neat and clean. I also will play my favourite songs as loud as I want in order to avoid other distractions such as chattering from my friends and other noises. But in order to be extra productive in studying, I have analysed my study skills by using the SWOT technique. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. This technique was created by Albert Humphrey at Stanford University in the 1960s.

Based on the SWOT technique, I have identified my strengths. One of them is time management. For me, managing time is an easy thing to do. All we need is to be disciplined. In studying, I will always put my assignments in priority and during leisure, I will take the opportunity to hang out with my friends and share our problems or stories. Next, reading and research. Each and every time I am doing my assignments, I will do some research and by doing that I will have to read all the information that I have been searching for. In my opinion, it is not that hard because I love to read especially when it comes to facts. According to my observation, positive-minded is also one of my strengths. This is because every time I feel stress, I will always re-think and find positive solutions to overcome it. I also frequently be an advisor for my friends when they feel like needing positive advice for them to solve their problems.

In order for nature to work, it is important to have both Ying and Yang. Same goes to strengths. Strengths come with weaknesses. Humans are not born perfect and by using SWOT, I am not just identifying my strengths but also get to identify my weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is concentration. Since in primary school, I have the problem to concentrate on doing something for a very long time. For example, if my class take about two hours, I can only concentrate on one and a half hour. So, to help me concentrate for a long period, I will always make sure to bring sweets to classes and eat it whenever I felt like losing my focus. Second, impatience. I am not the type of person that can be patient when it comes to time. I will easily get mad and lose my temper when I have to wait for unpunctual people. This always happens when we have to do group discussions.

By including SWOT in studies, we can enhance our study skills and also our attitude. SWOT analysis gives us an acceptable perspective of our strengths and helps us to expand it for a better future in our life. It also shows us our weakness and gives us the opportunity to overturn them. Analysing your strengths and weaknesses are also key to know yourself. You might discover new things about your passion, your forte and such. In conclusion, SWOT really helps when we do not have any idea what we really best especially in studies.


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