11 January 2021

Tips To Be Happy

Tips To Be Happy 1

“Day 201 of writing a book, today I am going to finish writing two pages and watch movies,” she wrote this on her daily memo board. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. Walked from the toilet to the kitchen in her pyjamas. Her hair was a mess so do her life. She ate 3 slices of bread and drunk a glass full of milk. Then, she walked to her room. Opened her laptop started to write her book. The whole day, she didn’t come out from her room. She kept on writing her book. At the end of the day, she saved her writing and turned her laptop off. She went out from her room, took bath, ate another 3 slices of bread and a glass of milk. She has been doing this for three months. Once a while, she gets calls from her parents and friends. On that day, again she didn’t do anything other than writing. She sleeps on the floor for no reason that night. 

Tips To Be Happy 2Next day, she wakes up and realised someone is knocking her house door. She got up and opened the door. Someone has left a box with a letter saying to Dorothea. She didn’t take the box. She shut the door loudly. Dorothea knows someone is watching her from outside. She started to do her daily routine again. In the middle of writing, she heard an animal crying sound. She tried to ignore but the noise was disturbing her. She opened the door again; the noise was coming from the box. She opened the box; it was a puppy. She looked to her right and left then left and right to know if anyone watching her. She immediately carried the puppy inside and closed the door. Dorothea gave the puppy milk and bread. The happy puppy ran around the house. Dorothea had to take care of the puppy because the puppy could get injured. She cleaned the house and make it neat so that it is puppy safe. The entire day after the puppy came, she didn’t go near her laptop. The puppy made her busy.

Tips To Be Happy 3

After 3 months, for the first time, she went out to buy a collar, walking rope and other puppy accessories. She took her puppy along with her. She bought a lot of stuff for her new puppy to play. After months, she started to smile. At night, when the puppy is asleep, she checked the number of pages she has written all this time. The total number of pages was 980. She deleted the entire folder. Dorothea opened a new folder and entitled it has How A Puppy Changed My Life. Before her puppy wakes up, she managed to complete 30 pages. Just before her puppy wakes up, Dorothea prepared food for her puppy and brought her puppy for a walk. When she got out of her house, she saw a letter saying “ Hope you found real happiness now”.


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