17 August 2020


As you can read from the title, I’ll be telling two sides of the workplace that you have faced or you might have to face one day. These stories happened in reality and my friend and I are currently facing it. Disclaimer, I might be a little bit emotional while writing this. So, hope you’ll like it. HAHAHAHA

So, the first side of it was the one you have always heard. You know, those rumours on interns were treated poorly and were given minor tasks. It’s true! It literally happened to my friend a few months back. Her previous boss pm-ed her through Facebook and said she needs someone who was able to write well in English and did some translation. No salary offered tho. As per the agreement, she was supposed to do works that involve copywriting, translating, writing articles and such. But what happened was during her first day as an intern, she was given a pile of account reports and were told to do some accounting job.

You might wonder if she questioned her boss. Well, yes, she did!

Her boss responded that by telling her that once the given tasks were done, she’ll get to do the tasks that they agreed on. LOL! Before she starts working, the boss told her the rules and regulations in the workplace. No phones allowed were normal but no earphone nor airpod is not! Oh. I should tell you that THERE WERE ONLY TWO STAFFS IN THE OFFICE INCLUDING HER and the other staff was so unfriendly.

What do you expect?

Imagine that you go to work at eight in the morning, came back at five in the evening and in those hours, you can only be silence. No co-workers to talk to, no music to listen to. Won’t you feel like you’re a robot? And guess what’s worse? For three days she had to work until eight at night just so that she can finish the task that was given as fast as she can. Did calculation, stamping, stapler the papers and that’s all! What kind of intern did that? What kind of subject taught the students to do that kind of job during the internship? I bet NONE!

On her fourth day, she talks to her boss and asked when will she get to do tasks that were promised to her? Her boss literally told her that the company actually DOES NOT have any other work than the one she did. What the… This hits her so hard that she told her boss that she wants to quit since she had to do an internship that offered English-based tasks in order for her to pass the internship. Guess what the boss said? “Okay. You’re not even capable to do simple tasks. I’ll send a letter to your university telling that you quit.” Okay. Wait up! What the hell?

Did you expect an intern that studies English to do account job? It’s almost as impossible as to told monkey to swim when it can’t! It’s against the nature! Well, patience brings good to you anyway. Few weeks after she quit, she was offered by two companies that really need an English student as intern. She picked the one that gave her a salary and was close to her home. And all is well now. But I still hope that something bad will happen to her ex-boss!

If your situation feels wrong, keep on asking for confirmation from your Industry Supervisor. They should give you the answer! Or if you’re doing something out of the job scope you agreed on, simply ask and argue if needed. Below, I’ve listed down what you should do if this situation happens to you.

  1. Immediately report your situation to your Academic Supervisor.
  2. Record or take a picture as proof of what had happened. (if possible)
  3. QUIT! Your Academic Supervisor will back you up.

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