20 July 2021

We broke up a year plus a few months agoYour friends are mine, you know I knowYou've moved on, found someone new (i guess, let's say it's a yes. Plus I've seen it once on your Twitter.)One more girl who brings out the better in youAnd I thought my heart achedFrom all the sunlight of […]

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18 July 2021
아픔 (Ache).
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6 July 2021
Upon your wishes.

Upon your wishes. I hope there are days that you will always have the guts to trust Him through your life. Yes, despite the hardship you had and will face. I can't promise you that putting all your trust in Him will lead you to a beautiful life without pain, but what for sure is, […]

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4 July 2021
The whisper.

The whisper. I always heard those kinds of things that bad things come from the whisper of evil spirits. At times, I think maybe it's true. But at the same time, there is one thought which I thought of bad things might come from our lust. That explains the importance of fasting. It is to […]

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2 July 2021

Friday, 2nd of July 2021. Alhamdulillah. Today is another beautiful day. I get to smile and control the way I react to things around me. I know of what I did. I am keeping it to myself. I will try my best to be a better version of myself, day by day, time by time. […]

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1 July 2021
I guess, it's another gloomy day.

Having gloomy days more than happy days is just part of my life, I guess. No matter how sincere you are with your truth, it never makes sense to her. No matter how good you are, you never able to satisfy her. But, be careful. A single mistake can create a whole sorrowful story. Back […]

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29 June 2021
White Flag

White flags have had different meanings throughout history and depending on the locale.During this pandemic Covid-19 in Malaysia, they say, the white flag symbolises people seeking help. Since the pandemic begins, there have been a lot more people struggling every day to meet their ends. Some still have their work paid. Some lost their job. […]

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27 June 2021
Fine line of Happiness.

Fine line of happiness.Alhamdulillah. Indeed, all praises go to Allah, The All-Will power.After all those gloomy days, today mark the new fine line of a brief smile.For everything that happens, it is always the hardest to believe if you'll succeed. But what drives you to go through it all is your beliefs in Allah.I am […]

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25 June 2021
Silence & Sorry .

Silence.It has been so ordinary between us.We argued.We fought.We keep it to ourselves. I am sorry that I am not the right one for you.I am sorry that I am so far from perfection.I am sorry that I am not able to fill your satisfaction.I am sorry for everything I am. At times, you did […]

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24 June 2021

Misunderstand.The thing about being misunderstood and misunderstand things is difficult. Sometimes, they knew that they were being misunderstood, but they also knew that no one is listening. There is no space for correction. Thus, all the "right thing to say" buried away with the silence. As time pass by, it becomes super normal to stay […]

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22 June 2021
Terrified of losing You

This is for You, Dear Allah. Terrified of losing you.I'm afraid of myself going back to the way I used to be.I am grateful to feel happy after the storm. And of course, I strongly believe it comes from You. You sent over that one thing called "happiness" to brighten my day. Which, I could […]

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19 June 2021
The Art of Falling Apart

Falling apart. There are times when you have no idea of what is going on around you, but it just seems like something is off. You have no clue but you have no guts to ask too. And you end up tired. Again. I heard of this one thing. The higher your belief, the higher […]

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