April 19, 2019

Found me loving myself

Remove yourself from people

who treat you like your time does't matter,

like your feelings are worthless,

or like your soul is replaceable

- S. Mcnutt
Found me loving myself 1

Hard for me to believe it even after thousand of years that I lied myself everyday by saying " it's okay". Deeply in my heart, i wish there is someone can support me, loving me, crying with me and happy with me together... forever and ever.

Life is limited to be sad, whenever we go down, there will be a stairs to climb. A dream come true. An achievement to show. A revenge to our failure. A smile to our beloved one. A moment to remember.

One day, we will have the courage to stand up. Showing everyone how strong we are and how good we improve. Prove it to everyone the better life we had. More importantly prove it to ourself that we can change like others. Let everybody now that we found the treasure of ourself. The price that we have for loving ourself.


Life without love is
like a tree without blossoms or fruit

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