4 August 2019

How to Fill My Free Time

How to Fill My Free Time 1

There are many various activities you can do to spend your time with something useful. Here is some list you can do when you're bored.

  • Play Games
    • This new era with updated technology, everyone have a smartphone in their hand. Thus, call your friends and setup a team for an online game. Some of us may have a secret talent in playing games. If you lucky enough your team can go to that particular game tournament like Mobile Legends, PubG, Dota2 and more. Playing game also can give you an income right? Why not you and your friends give a try?. Maybe you guys can win some tuornoment?. Nahh, who knows...
  • Reading
    • Rather than hands on, you can add your knowledge by reading your favourite books or anything that you like to read. Knowledge is important as it can be survival kit when you go anywhere. Yahh.. knowledge is valueable as money.
How to Fill My Free Time 2
  • Write
    • Some of us may have passion in writing such as story, article, quote or something familiar with this. However, for some people who didn't like to write, you should try to spend your time in it rather than being lazy and just watching TV. Improve your handwriting in the same time you can add various idea in your story. To write well you need as much experience as you need to deliver the best story. In another view, if your story quit interesting you can sell the story or you can start blogging. If your blog can catch reader attention, you can make money with it!
  • Learn
    • Nowadays, student neglect to use their free time wisely. It's okay to enjoy your weekend or your boring time but don't do it all the time. It will affect your time management and keep you broke. Learn to build up your skill, improve your talent and start investing in yourself. You're the most treasure of your parent. Prove to them you can survive and help them in the future. Learn to something new and discover the passion you have and develop it. Convert into money.
  • Pray
    • Take Wudu' and perform your Dhuha. Insya-Allah you will get some idea what to do next. There are many benefits when you often do this in your free time. If you have 24 hours , it just takes 5 minutes to pray.
How to Fill My Free Time 3

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