April 26, 2019

The system is perfect

Huh? perfect? believe or not there is no such thing called perfect. Because without a failure human cannot learn from mistake. Without a mistake, human can't improve.

Same goes to a robot. There will be always a problem or system error in it after several trial. Because it's not perfect, that technology will be destroyed,damaged,evolved or forgotten. You see?... nothing is perfect

Why human are not perfect? why human cannot be perfect? that's human nature. Because of it we need friends, family, support and most importantly human need God. The place where to rely on.

When nothing is perfect, human need to be low key in whatever situation in their life. Being low key isn't difficult, you just be yourself the which is your good side and be kindness to people around you either you know or not.

One day you will realize, we don't need perfection, we just need something that are more valuable than perfection. When the time come, you will know the answer...


Life without love is
like a tree without blossoms or fruit

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